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VE Latinoamericano has become a mandatory event for the mobility sector

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

For those who don't know VE Latinoamericano, it takes place in parallel with C-MOVE, with VE being the exhibition part and C-MOVE the congress on electric mobility. In short, there are two events in the same space. Each with its own purpose and target audience. That's why there's no denying that participation in VE Latinoamericano has become a mandatory event for the mobility sector.

While C-MOVE proposes to generate debates and share information about the environment around Electric Mobility, VE Latinoamericano gives the opportunity to have contact with the services and products mentioned during the panels

At this year's C-MOVE, we had panels that covered everything from the implementation of charging infrastructure to the mining cycle and recycling of high-voltage batteries. I even participated representing and ABRAVEi in the panel on Charging Infrastructure in residential condominiums with the aim of explaining the challenges and solutions for the end user.

C-MOVE 2023 Charging Infrastructure Panelists
C-MOVE 2023 Charging Infrastructure Panel

This year, VE Latinoamericano brought the possibility of discovering several different vehicles, such as electric buses from Higer, BYD and Eletra; cars from GWM, JAC Motors and BYD; photovoltaic charging and power generation solutions; micro mobility vehicles and various services, such as from Fever and

For those interested in learning more about the vehicles, a test-drive and test-ride area for some vehicles was offered. After all, if mobility is the subject, there's nothing better than "walking" around in vehicles to get to know them better.

However, in my opinion, what VE and C-MOVE best provide is the possibility of meeting and talking to different people who you probably wouldn't have the opportunity to do without this event. There are many examples of people I have been able to talk to, but I have to say that three occasions gave me extra satisfaction in participating in this universe.

João Victor Turati from Eve Air Mobility participated in the opening panel on the 6th with a vision of innovation and sharing information about the eVTol, EMBRAER's 100% electric aircraft focused on urban travel. Big centers. I had the opportunity to talk to him before the doors even opened and of course I didn't miss the opportunity to ask him everything I wanted.

Tomoko Blech from CHAdeMO brought all her experience on electric mobility from mature markets such as the European Union and Japan. It was interesting to talk about the world beyond the European charging standard. If you didn't know that CHAdeMO goes far beyond NIssan Leaf, welcome to the club, I discovered that CHAdeMO even has connectors for micro mobility. However, I believe that the most important thing was having the opportunity to present a Shell Recharge charging point in the north of São Paulo, including a practical charging of the Nissan Leaf by an app driver.

Like any event that takes place, connections also happen between the stands and corridors. That's how I had the opportunity to meet Daria Vostrikova and Carlos Shigueo from inDriver, both interested in talking about the application of electric mobility with app drivers. In fact, the visit to the charger was practically a tourist attraction that I was able to introduce to both Tomoko Blech and Daria Vostrikova.

I can say that it was very constructive to hear from so many experts on such an important subject for the future of our society and very rewarding, as a representative of ABRAVEi, to present everyday electric mobility. After all, it's what we live. Now it's a matter of working with new contacts and eagerly awaiting the next edition.

See you later.

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